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Lawtech Software Group Ready to Embark on North American Trade Mission Starting in Toronto

In collaboration with the UK Department for Business & Trade, The Lawtech Software Group are heading to Toronto, Canada with the intentions of breaking the North American tech sector. From January 24th to January 28th, the Lawtech Software Group will showcases its innovative, technological solutions to leading figures in law and tech.

CEO of Lawtech Software Group Rudi Kesic outlines the company's objective: "Our expansion into the North American market aligns with our goal to deliver innovative legal technology solutions on a global scale." In a market that celebrates legal tech pioneers such as Clio and Dye & Durham, the entry of Lawtech Software Group promises a dynamic shift towards progressive legal tech solutions".

The ventures in North America are a pivotal chapter in LawTech's growth. The region's demand for sophisticated legal tech presents an opportunity to showcase their innovations. The Lawtech Software Group's key product is Verify 365, a client onboarding platform that allows you to complete compliant checks and confirm identities of potential clients and businesses. The innovative tech allows law firms to remain compliant and adhere to strict guidelines as well as complete thorough checks and due diligence.

Also confirmed by the Lawtech Software Group is a brand new office in Toronto. This development represents more than just a physical presence in North America, it demonstrates a determination to be at the forefront of innovative tech and introduce that to new audiences.

CEO Rudi Kesic on the office, "Our new Toronto office is a cornerstone in our strategy to integrate more closely with the markets we serve".

Following the Toronto mission, The Lawtech Software Group will head to New York Legal Week on January 29th to further increase ties. The North American trade mission emphasises Lawtech’s determination to drive forward legal technology innovation.

Poised to become a distinguished player in the international market, the company not only accentuates the UK's legacy of legal tech excellence but also sets a benchmark for future technological collaborations with overseas markets.

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